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Industrial Andons

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Andon System Overview

Andon Triggering Methods
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An andon call can be triggerd by either the FSS-Floor Signal Station with Switchbox or Keyfob Remote or on a device using the Virtual Andon on a computer or smart device.
Equipment and sensors can also be integrated with the FSS's to automatically trigger andon calls or record events

PSU - Plant Signal Unit
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The PSU aggregates the andon calls from the FSS’s and flashes the corresponding lights. The PSU can then play a custom melody for all lights providing a unique audible alert to signal respondents. Up to 15 FSS's can talk to a PSU enabling you to cover a large area of your facility and up to 15 PSU's can be used in the same space to cover many lines.

SFV - Shop Floor View Web Based System
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The SFV-Shop Floor View is a web based system that receives all your andon signals which enables many included features including.
Visualization: The Webmonitor shows custom real time views of your andon lights with pertinent data on any device.
Notifications: You can automatically send out emails/text messages and escalate notifications.
Recording & Reporting: The SFV records all occurrences and duration and automatically generates reports for analysis and improvement.