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Bob Wilson, the founder of Industrial Andons, LLC, has an extensive background in a variety of industries from automotive to high tech. He has worked at both Toyota's and Ford's top plants in the world. He was certified as a Quality Circle Leader Instructor and Practical Problem Solving Instructor at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky and is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He has also worked in small and medium companies as a lean manufacturing consultant. Bob Wilson regularly trains and facilitates shop floor, engineering and transactional process kaizen events.
Bob has worked in a variety of roles which enables him to fully understand the benefits and challenges to implementing lean. He has worked as a Team Member on the production floor, a support staff engineer, a lean manufacturing manager, a production manager and a Plant Manager. Bob also has his MBA from the University of Florida.
He has seen first-hand the need for andon systems to streamline floor production processes. But he also discovered that installing and maintaining andon systems can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.
These issues led Bob to develop the patented andon system provided only by Industrial Andons. Industrial Andons system is wireless, flexible, modular and easy to install. They are perfect for use within most assembly and manufacturing facilities. These systems allow your employees to contact support personnel without leaving their workstations and to continue to perform value added tasks.
Industrial Andons also offers consulting services. Whether you just started on your lean journey or are a seasoned performer, you know how valuable an unbiased set of eyes can be. Industrial Andons offers consulting services at reasonable rates to help you along your journey. We can help on many levels, from leading kaizen events (shop floor, engineering or business process), developing standard work, training, or implementation strategy. We have a broad range of experience to draw from and look forward to helping you improve.

Current Customers
"We wanted to take our andon system to the next level and knew what it would need to do to address our needs. Before contacting Industrial Andons, no one was about to provide us with an acceptable solution. Everyone told me that the technology was either overseas or years away from development. I contacted Bob Wilson and he took the time to understand our needs and design a solution to help us attain our goal. We have been very pleased with the results."
~Antoine Dean, Group Leader, Toyota Motor Mfg Indiana

We are definitely using the system effectively I feel and have found with the supporting data it has provided us that we can make positive changes in how we are scheduling lots for move and queue times between work centers. Currently it can take 8 to 12 hours of move and queue between operations. Based on what we are seeing, material moves within an hour on the average based on calls using your system. We are reducing move and queue to two hours. The new line hook up seems to be working slick as well. Data weve been wanting for years!
~Rob Bucek, D&S Mfg